India passed judgement on India.

3 Apr

I am not a cricket fanatic. A hell of an admission to make at a time like this, on Indian soil that too, but there it is. Just about everyone I know is the diehard fanatic. I have nothing against the game, I can sit and watch hypnotised for hours and I get as boisterously excited as anyone else when India wins anything cricket. But, you could put it down to a personal thing, i am not your cracker-bursting dance-in-the-streets kind of fan.

So yesterday, I watched the World Cup finals from the first moment to the last with a particularly different fascination. I watched as an ‘outsider’, my friend Krishnan providing explanations and commentary (Like Ram did, patiently, for the semis) 

Yesterday, what I watched was India. And I watched as India passed judgement on India.

India is awesome. India is world-class. India can make your jaw drop right to the floor. India is much more than “exotic” or “East” or “software”, India can whup your little gloating, greedy ass (SriLanka when the first two wickets went down) from here till the end of the boundary and just so you don’t forget, India has the sprezzatura to finish the match with a soaring six, 1 billion two hundred million people in India alone craning their neck to watch the arc of the ball burn our name into the inky night sky.

The real India, the India that can effortlessly take its place in any global council, appeared proudly to take its rightful place at the head of the global cricket council. It was astounding to see our doughty band of players, broadsided by a potentially catastrophic loss of key wickets, stabilise themselves, collect their forces, and, run by glorious run, give the world a run for its money.

This is India at it best, an India that arrives at the finals summarily dispatching Pakistan, and taking on SriLanka. It was ever so satisfying to see that this “World” Cup”’s final matches were fought in this part of the world, and I don’t mean the stadiums, I mean that not one of the 3 teams were … er … white. No goras running around on the pitch as if to subliminally insinuate that a real reckoning would be bereft of authenticity if white skin wasn’t showing. Did you see our coach gambolling about on the field in true Indian style? Bhaisaab, pichle janam mein yeh Bharatiya tha!

Yesterday we saw a clean India, a sporting India, an India that sticks its chin out at a challenge and has the intelligence and strength and gumption to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. Yesterday we saw the fibre of an India that no other nation on Earth can find fault with and every other nation on Earth can feel an envious admiration for. Yesterday we saw a First World India  has been the real reason why despite the encrusted barnacles of unprincipled leaders, India the country has its place in the world today. Yesterday we saw an India that is so shining, so pristine, so glorious that you would never be able find the faintest trace of scams, politics and dishonesty. Yesterday we saw an India that shamed the India we have been forced to see for many months now. The winning, cheering, fighting, exultant India sent out a powerful message to the men and their minions who have blackened our headlines for months now, and that message was loud and clear: this is who we Indians really are, and YOU are the cancer.

2 Responses to “India passed judgement on India.”

  1. sarrao April 3, 2011 at 2:20 PM #

    amazing insights sir… loved the way u finished it…

  2. Joseph D'Souza April 3, 2011 at 4:22 PM #


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