13 Nov

So the earliest Nano’s have a battery-could-explode problem, and have been recalled, and Apple now admits the iOS 5.0.1 does have a battery problem that wasn’t solved at the time of release.

Recall, (no pun intended), the hoohaa about the reception problem on the iPhone 4 and Job’s cruel answer to a customer who wrote in: “Just avoid holding it that way.”

Here’s the evidence, apparently:


Here’s the man himself, holding the phone EXACTLY the way it transpired it should NOT have be held. So! The launch demo does NOT consider itself required to be a REAL demo, eh?


And screengrabs from the Apple iPhone 4 television commercial:


It would all make you want to put a bullet through the thing, which is exactly what Retired Navy Seabee Craig Bissett did with a Barrett M82A1 rifle.

I well remember the day someone told me that Apple had plenty of virus problems. For long I was one of those people who worshipped Apple for making things that not only did NOT have problems but made products that were far superior to anything in their category. Without a doubt, Apple DOES make products far superior to anything in their category, so superior that they redefine the category, to moot, the iPhone… but when these problems surface, it opens this little chink in the Apple brand armor.

I now look at anything Apple and find myself asking a little question: “It looks perfect. Wonder what is wrong with it.”

Appropos the iPhone 4 reception issue, by way of a laugh, here are some of the pics that appeared on the net at the time. Enjoy:



A supreme one by


This one inspired by The Woz’s admission that the problem did exist, pic thanks to


But, for my money, this gets the Gold:

hold different

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