iMemo to Steve Jobs.

11 Dec

Dear Steve,

I think someone should tell you.

They’ve released an iPad mini in the very size you openly maintained was all wrong and would never fly.

They’ve told a packed courtroom, for the record, that you really did have customer focus groups while designing the iPhone. I remember you saying the customer doesn’t know what they want, and that you disdained customer focus groups.

They’re released the new iTunes. Fahad Manjoo of the Slate, a superb tech columnist frequently accused of being a unbridled Apple fanboy, has blown the whistle on the mess it is.

A British judge recently averred that Apple should not have been issued some of the patents it was issued, and forced Apple to print an apology then forced Apple to reprint a REAL apology.

Samsung has announced it will no longer supply Apple with batteries. Imagine that.

Oh, the Samsung S3 is the hottest selling phone on the planet.

It is looking like the ding in Apple’s universe has already been made.

Whatever Apple will do now to find its way again, I hope they are not following the newly-launched Apple Maps.

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