iMemo 2 to Steve Jobs.

14 Dec

Dear Steve,

Let me get this right.

A couple of months ago Apple summarily DUMPED Google Maps and launched Apple Maps.

So far, classic Apple hubris, and a difficult hubris to take down because Apple usually makes oh-so-perfect things.

Now for some weeks we’ve all watched the world dump on Apple Maps and its sometimes dangerous directions.

Now Google launches Google Maps for Apple.

It soars to the top of the PAID Apple Apps list, and turbocharges sales of iOS6.

You OK with this? Apple’s fortunes coming from outside Apple?

That too from a company you wanted to "thermonuclear war" with, for "stealing" Android?

I wonder if your boys back on Earth have asked their lawyers if there is a possibility that they can sue Google for stealing something. Maybe the fact that the app has rounded corners?

Don’t smirk, you won a case against Samsung for "rectangle with rounded corners".

OK, I may be embarassing you. I’ll stop.

One last thing: if you are ever planning to just sightsee or travel around the universe, may I recommend a fabulous app? Its called Google Sky.

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