They’re with me all the way yeah yeah.

18 Dec

I used to bank with HDFC at Prabhadevi. I had a Current Account and a Savings Account. A comfortable arrangement since 1998, since I knew the people by name, and was treated to chai and bhajjiyas every time I visited, and I was referred to as HIGH NET WORTH CUSTOMER.

How I came to bank with HDFC is another fabulous story. I’ll blog it immediately after this.

But, fastforward to early this year, when I decided to move my Savings Account to Andheri. Closer to home etc. Pals from Prabhadevi Branch have all transferred out. New faces, no new relationships.

Andheri Branch overjoyed. Promises me I get to retain Customer ID but will have to accept new Savings Account Number and new Debit Card.

No problem, I think.

In a couple of days, I’m off to a good start with a new Savings Account at the Andheri HDFC Branch and a shiny new blue Debit Card too. Slight hitch, Card is good for withdrawing money from ATM, but not for shopping. Relationship Manager explains that I have to fill out a form to ‘link’ it.

I didn’t get around to doing that. No problem, I don’t shop with my Debit Card.

Then I lost my brand spanking new Debit Card.

No problem. I block it, get a new one. The professional, responsive side of HDFC Bank is doing a marvellous job, as usual.

But I still cant shop with it, only withdraw money. Aha some new form has to be filled.

Form filled, signed, and some days later I get a cryptic message that my Card CANNOT be linked to my Savings Account.

I don’t have the time to go to the bank, and since I don’t shop with the Card, I am cool. It works fine at the ATM (yes, it doesn’t make sense) so I am cool.

The weekend of 15/16 December I realise I have lost my second Card.
Sheepishly I go back to the bank, am politely instructed to call and cancel card, (you have to do it with YOUR OWN VOICE you see) so I take the opportunity to tell my Relationship Manager about the strange sms that claimed it was not possible to link my Debit Card to my Savings Account. He is so soothing, he is soothier than a single malt. "Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out."

So I call the number. Answered on the first ring. Go, HDFC Bank, you’re in motion. Nice Girl transfers me to another Nice Girl. I explain that I want to block my lost Debit Card.

So she asks for my Customer ID. I rattle it off to her.

Name? Date of Birth? I oblige.

Silence. TapTapTapofkeyboardTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTap


Then she says: "Sir, there is no Card attached to this ID."

Hmmmm. I counter: "If there is no card attached to this ID, how come I have been using one for about almost 10 years now?"

Silence. Then, "One moment sir." TapTapTapofkeyboardTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTapTap

Then,"Sir what is your account number?"

I give it to her.


"Sir there is no card attached to this account."

My move:"If there is no Debit Card attached to this ID or this account, how come I had a Debit Card and regularly withdrew money from the ATM from this account?"

"I don’t know Sir. Just one moment Sir, I will speak to my supervisor."

I am now subjected to a considerable wait, during which I am compelled to listen to the HDFC jingle, something about were with you all the way yeah yeah, rendered in what some clueless soul somewhere from my industry sold to a utterly clueless banking marketing team as a ‘cool’ ‘happening’ ‘style’ vibe.

Lady is back:" Sir, please give me your Debit Card number."

Aha. "The one I just lost and I am trying to block? That card number?"

"Yes Sir."

I gave it to her.

"OnemomentSirpleasestayonthelinewerewithyouallthewayyeahyeahwerewithyouallthewayyeahyeahwerewithyouallthewayyeahyeah ……."

She’s back. "Sir, that card is linked to another account at Prabhadevi Branch."

I explain: "My Current Account is still there. It does not have a Debit Card. It never had any Card. My Savings account is here at Andheri. This one has the Debit Card. I have been using the Debit Card. I lost the Debit Card. I just want to block it. Can you just block it? Just block the card, this current card, doesn’t matter which Customer ID and which account and which branch it is attached to?"



"OK Sir. Your card is blocked."

"Thank you. Can I ask you a question?’

"Yes Sir."

"How is it that I was able to use a Debit Card linked to one specific Customer ID and Savings Account and withdraw money from that account with the Debit Card when the Card was actually linked to another account in another branch and another customer ID?"

"I don’t know Sir. Computer kya karte hain kaun jaane."

I relayed the entire conversation to the Relationship Manager at the branch this morning.

He cracked up.

They gave me a new Card. All black and shiny and upgraded and ‘Platinum’. Booooooooyah.

One Response to “They’re with me all the way yeah yeah.”

  1. Amruta Bhavthankar December 19, 2012 at 3:26 PM #

    Woww ..NIce 🙂

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