Oooooh. New Earthling.

28 Apr

This morning, I am watching "The Story of Elvis Presley’. The voice over is explaining his early appeal: "Elvis’s delicate profile and olive-hied skin hinted at the Irish, Italian and Mediterranean ancestry of his family"
I have always surprised classrooms by pointing out that Bruce Lee was half-German. His grandfather from his mother’s side was half-German. His earliest fans were Chinese, who were overjoyed to be represented by a Chinese who was so ‘international’ looking, and a far cry from the day’s caricature of the mypoic, thick-glassed on nose, buck-yoothed bowing-and-scraping Chinaman-doofus that provided the sidekick comedy of that time.
Hollywood today is a roster-list of the ‘mix’. Paula Patton, Halle Berry ….. there’s been a romance somewhere in their previous generations that brought two races together for a lifetime.
Take Barack Obama, the fabulously handsome President of the United States. His mother was a white American. (Is that the politically correct way to say it?) Keep aside that Michelle Obama, the First Lady, is a beautiful ‘all-black’ woman in her own right (oh dear, politically correct I hope), Sasha and Malia, the Obama children, just basically look gloriously, beautifully ‘of-a-fabulous-new-look’.
This is for sure the ‘mixed-races-millenium’. Our gene-pools are merging and our global ‘next generation’ will in all likelihood comprise of a higher amount of children born outside their native communities.
Look around you in India. Since 1993, the fabulous new universe of opportunity that has opened to us, thanks to reforms, has helped people move all across India. There are kids today near the age of 10 all around you whose parents are students and executives who moved far from their homes to study and work. They married people from other communities, and their children are more often than not clearly more cosmopolitan, engaging and just basically ‘liberal’ in the way they carry themselves.
Our planet is on a solic course to gift itself a extremely good-looking population. With 50 years, a billion of our planet’s population will be eligible for global ‘looker’ lists’ just by dint of waking up in the morning.

Fashion and clothing brands should prepare for a new market of people with new bone-structures, new complexions and new notions of style. This makes for a fantastic new brand and marketing business opportunity to create brands with a unique dimension: they will be based on a genuinely new dynamic, one that is only blessing, edifying and flattering to humankind. These brands will have a power the brands of the 20th century and before never had: the brand DNA to be relevant in a unique way to the new people of the world.

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