It doesn’t add up Part 1.

29 Apr

Over 500,000 Indians enter the workforce pool every single year.
India produces over 200,000 MBAs every year, and it is estimated that 80% of these are simply ‘unemployable’.
I have mentioned these two statistics numerable times, and have never been challenged. I got both of them from the Times of India Mumbai Edition somewhere in the closing months of 2011.
Let us presume that these are somewhat accurate.
We would also have to agree, for the sake of the discussion, that these figures have climbed up in the last 15 months a bit.
This still makes for an extremely confounding picture.
Being as I am at the receiving end of requests for internships, I know that this time of the year brings in a flood of ‘kids’ looking for a company at which to spend their mandatory internships. Mandated by their educational institutions, whose brochures are resplendent with pages of profiles of students who were ‘placed’ with top-rung companies.
Every single student avers that their institution does NOT help with internships.
My question: Why not?
Lets consider the fact that less than 5% (and I am being generous here) of any class is the ‘toppers’
Yet, just about every BSchool is claiming 100% placement success, which means that they are managing to find even their dullards a place in a top-flight company.
My question: How is this possible?
It doesn’t add up.
Have you ever spent time in conversation with a ‘MBA’? You would be lucky to find yourself speaking to an informed intelligence, able to conduct a simple conversation with someone two decades older to them. Just a conversation, folks, not an interview. Definitely not a full-fledged interview.
Yet companies and BSchools are conducting interviews. Interviews supposed to be a nuanced and expert appraisal of a candidate. Interviews calculated to determine the candidate’s mental and professional acuity, the potential fit with the institution or company’s culture. Seats are filled, vacancies closed, semesters begun, jobs commenced.
Yet, 80% of the MBAs are ‘unemployable’. The figure could only be climbing.
It just doesn’t add up.

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