Um …. er ….. boo!

22 Nov

Corporate Dossier in The Times Of India this morning has an article, ‘Information Overload’ that mentions that a Google study showed that the higher the person in an organisation, the less likely they were to predict whether or not a product would do well.
It also says that: ‘Economists carried a survey where it tasked 4 groups of people to predict what the world economy would look like 10 years on. They included former finance ministers, Chairmen of MNCs, Oxford University students and London dustmen. 10 years on it reviewed the data and found the predictions by the dustmen to be most accurate and the Finance Ministers the least.
I remember attending a HR Conference some years ago where a globally prominent HR specialist pointed out that in a study of top management amoung leading lompanies, the single largest and most common fear among them all were that they would be ‘found out’.
Let me reserve for a concluding shot, a quote from the abovementioned article: Indian corporate managers are hierarchy conscious and designation-crazy.

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