Krish watched helplessly.

20 Jul

Yesterday I was sitting in an office fairly in view of the Lotus Building that had caught fire, and which fire took the life of one of our firemen. This morning I read in the papers that the entire fancy glass-walled building had woefully inadequate rescue systems. It had one escape staircase instead of two, and its water tanks were empty.
This is the India we need to correct.
As an economy booms, construction booms. The surest signs of a robust economy is a skyline of construction. In India’s growing we have built much, but not responsibly. Everyone wants glass walls because everyone else has them. A gleaming building shining in the sun and reflecting all the lights around it is so much to be desired. But the ‘polyglass’ melts in the heat, coagulates, and traps smoke inside.
The famous actor was displayed in the newspapers with the appropriate expression of concern on his face. After all, he is supposed to have three floors in his office. No he didn’t arrive zooming through the air in his black cape and dramatically rescue everyone. The superhero just stood there in his jeans and TShirt and looked concerned.
It never occurred to anyone to check the fire and escape systems of the building BEFORE they obtained properties in the building?
Design and construction codes are in place, Very much in place. How were they flouted? Who signed off on the construction? Who signed off on the inspection? Rhetorical question.
One good, trained, hardworking fireman lost his life. He has a young child. A family broken, a life lost irreparably.
One hardworking, tax-paying citizen unfairly deprived of the ‘acchhe din’ that are ‘aane waale hain.’

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