Who went there?

20 Jul



This picture has been making the rounds for some hours now. It is the perfect example of how completely inaccurate information can be seemingly ‘proved’ with ‘photographic evidence’.

The fact is, MH17 was flying at 33,000 feet, above the clouds, which makes a visual sighting by human eyes on ground impossible. That is why sophisticated Surface To Air missile systems have radar. The kind of aircraft these missiles have been designed to hit are almost never visible to the naked eye (except at takeoff, some part of the climb and at landing and touchdown). Had the Russian Presidential plane, been in that airspace, (another widely circulated rumor). it would be actively deploying all kinds of electronic jamming wizardies to make exactly this kind of ‘locking on’ by radar impossible. And of course, it would be heavily escorted by fighters armed to the fins, all individually deploying the full strength of their electronic capabilities.

It would be close to impossible to knock Putin’s plane out of the air.

At this point, it is clear that the missile was fired under a mistaken assumption that the aircraft was a Ukranian armed forces plane, and it was fired in the trigger-happy state of mind given that, in the previous two days, two planes had been downed by missiles. This kind of kill, this kind of kill rate and this kind of psychological victory is important to this kind of conflict. The world is now paying a completely new degree of attention to Ukraine, and an innocent aircraft paid for it.

My heart is till heavy with the loss of the innocents, but I am not about to forward this picture without an explanation and add to the confusion.


There is absolutely nothing to say about this in a lighter vein, but see my next blog.

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