1965 Honeywell … er … ipad

19 Oct


"A Kitchen Companion"

Behold, the Honeywell Kitchen Computer, announced in 1965:

"If she can only cook as well as Honeywell can compute."

"Her souffles are supreme, her meal planning a challenge? She’s what the Honeywell people had in mind when they devised our Kitchen Computer. She’ll learn to program it with a cross-reference to her favorite recipes… Then by simply pushing a few buttons obtain a complete menu organized around the entree. And if she pales at reckoning her lunch tabs, she can program it to balance the family checkbook. $10,600.00"

Input was via binary toggle switches, output via binary lights; there was no keyboard (the big white area was a cutting board). "Broccoli" was "0001101000". The $10K price ($75K in today’s dollars) included a two week course in how to use it. Sales for this kitchen appliance of the future: exactly zero.

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