I count. You should too.

25 Jan

The business papers are all along that Facebook generates US$274 BILLION in economic activity around the world, and employs more than 2.2 million people. Now this is nothing to sneeze at. facebook itself employs 8,348 people, which means each employee of facebook is bringing in close to US$33 million every year, with is US$ 90,400 per day.
facebook exists in the Cloud. Not just the Cloud as in data, but the clouds of our lives, the ephemeral, shape-shifting worlds of nothings that comprise the individual consciousnesses of human beings. Other than the servers, really, facebook does not exist outside of the fact that the servers house the ‘base’ data that we see as our pages. facebook is in every essence an idea.
About 96% of what comprisses facebook is provided by you and me. And that is what facebook sells, to clock revenues of US$7.87 billion every year. facebook’s assets are close to US$18 BILLION every year, which is what, so to speak, you and I have been worth to them. Sp what’s your next update?

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