MH 370.

25 Apr

Its been over a year since MH 370 disappeared.

Over a year.

I keep thinking of the families and loved ones. I cannot see myself enduring that agony. I wonder frequently what kind of rage and anguish I would have been if someone I considered dear to me was on that plane.

A year along, with MH 370 listed on my ‘Google Alerts’ there are multiple emails coming in every single day.

Ive seen the facebook posts and tweets of passengers taking selfies on virtually empty MH flights. And every week, I get emails from a bank cheerfully offering me a generous 20% discount on Malaysian Airlines flights if I book with their Credit Card.

I feel for the Malaysian Airlines too. They’ve taken some heavy hitting from across the world. They’ve dutifully spent dozens of millions of dollars (as they should, of course) searching for the aircraft. Over a dozen countries are working on the search.

Of course, the pain of international media scrutiny and conjecture is par for the course, but unlike the Germanwings flights, there is no reason to believe that the crew was to blame.

The sanest theory involves hypoxia, the gradual, imperceptible loss of consciousness that comes with loss of oxygen.

The unanswered question is: why that bizarre left turn and that roller-coaster change in altitudes?

Without a doubt , whatsoever is hidden shall be revealed. But the sooner the better.

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