iMmersed? Nope.

1 May

Over at a fascinating article reports on MacBook sales outstripping iPad sales.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and there’s a few more articles that sound like they’re dissing the iPad. Even if they are not there’s an interesting one on the iPad being ‘middleaged’ at 5.

Hmmm. I remember watching Jobs introduce the iPad and the one big word Jobs invoked was “immersive”.

I have an iPad Air, gifted to me, and the one word I will never use is “immersive”. Immersive suggests  an overwhelming or a seduction or a hijacking of your consciousness, all three meant in the good sense.

I find an iPad ruins a movie. It reduces the entire spectacle to a small square. Immersive is far away pal.

Oh a video call on an iPad is fantastic. But with good network, its fantastic on a good smartphone too.

And have you seen someone pecking away at an iPad keyboard? Most people do it with one finger. Most Apple devotees envision themselves as techc-savvy, aesthetic-purist. You can imagine whatever you want, all you want, but the average person pecking away at the iPad keyboard looks like a bird at breakfast.

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