28 Apr

​To see the ​manic, clawing curiosity about this matter is to get a ringside glimpse of the underbelly of humanity. And how the fire is stoked, with breathless pronouncements from all corners of the media, discussing nothing at all with click-bait headlines.

Oh, come on, this spat is nothing compared to some of the circuses that are conducted by ex’s. Some circuses end in catastrophe, with one or both resorting to violence. There are countless cases of acid burns. And suicides. In the thousands.

There is no telling if both parties here, in this case, are practicing restraint. The media isn’t. And isn’t, for just one reason: at least 500 million fans want to wallow in the cesspool. Well, any cesspool.

There is the voyeuristic need.

There is the satiation of knowing that "it happened to someone else."

There is the insecure gloating that it happened to THEM.

And, of course,there is money to be made, by anyone and everyone who gets paid a single paisa in the massive industries that fester on this universe’s edge.

Movies will still be made, Ladies and Gentlemen, as they always will be. Pots of cash will be made, as they always will be. This storm in a thimble will be forgotten, as it always is. And the little people who fueled this circus with their curiosity? The one the entire circus was played out to, and stoked for? They will go back to living their mundane, humdrum, penniless lives, only to writhe up again at the next whatever circus will erupt. Or made to be erupted.

A simple photo is the latest evidence offered to make the case of ‘SOMETHING WAS DEFINITELY GOING ON’. It is any photo, taken at any party, and it has 2 people cozying up for a picture. It definitely is not a candid picture. It has definitely NOT been shot without the couple’s knowledge.

At the most, it is a glimpse of er… happier times?

Calm down, people, and get back to your life.

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