Ronak rights a write.

6 Feb

Ronak Shetty decided it was high time he restarted writing a blog, and indeed, do it right: start a blog on issues weightier than Manchester United and soccer.
Not that Man U and soccer are not weighty issues. To devotees. Both are important parts of a religion that has its own deities, doctrines, code of honour, fervor and fanatics. I understand that for a Man U believer, there is a heaven and a hell too; heaven being winning a match, hell being losing to Arsenal.
But that is besides the point?
Ronak has commenced his ‘serious’ writing with a blogpost on Viktor Emil Frankel’s take on the meaning of life. This is as fabulous as it is reckless; if you are going serious, go all the way and start with ‘the meaning of life."
I was struck with his courage.
The man is a professional: he showed his blog to me for a suggestion here and a suggestion here. Like a true writer, he ignored as many suggestions as he incorporated. I don’t mind. The idea is to find Ronak’s tone of voice. Not mine.
He has done a superb job if I may say so. I am an advertising copywriter, not a Pulitzer or Booker Prize winner. As many enthusiasts there are about my writing, I remind myself that I am an advertising copywriter.
For another of my blogs, I will hold forth on the glory of being an advertising copuwriter. Not for a moment do I shortchange myself or copywriting.
But this blog is about Ronak. And I wish your writing Godspeed, Ronak. May the page rise up to meet you.

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